An International Workshop on Research Data Management
organized by Hacettepe University and the The Goethe-Institut in Turkey to
commemorate the 2014 Turkish-German Science Year

Research and innovation (R&I) is the lifeblood of development. The EU countries will spend some 71 billion euro for research under the Horizon 2020 program. An enourmous amount of research data gets created, collected, processed and analyzed during the research process and it has to be managed effectively. As the life of research data is far longer than the research projects themselves, preservation of, access to and reuse of research data is of great importance. Effective management of research data requires infrastructure and data repositories as well as policies and standards for metadata, interoperability, knowledge discovery and reuse. Research data management is of paramount importance for Turkey, too. The Supreme Council of Science and Technology (BTYK) decided in its 25th meeting in 2013 to create a model of legal, technical and administrative structure towards bringing together existing public data centers and set up the Turkish Integrated Public Data Center.

This international workshop will therefore be instrumental in shaping the current research data management and data center policies of Turkey. It will bring together both German and Turkish scholars to discuss the issues on research data management, review the best practices already installed in various German universities and institutions and provide insight to set up a similar research data management infrastructure and develop policies on research data and data centers.

The full-day workshop will take place at Hacettepe University’s Culture Center in Sıhhiye, Ankara. Workshop is free to attend and no registration fee is charged. Please register early as the seats are limited.